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Weekly Sales – 2012 February 10 to 16

35% off Select Armor Kits , Hair Styles and Dyes and 20% off Shared Bank : Item Storage

  • 35% off Weapons with Coupon code DAJMF1 (10/Account)
  • Free Chocolate covered humbug with Coupon code BFG779 (1/Account)

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DDO Daily December Deals

Stock up on Store items with DDO’s Daily Deals! Enjoy 30-50% off a different item each day in the DDO Store!

December 1st-January 2nd

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Weekly Sales – July 15 to 21

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Weekly Sales – March 25 to 31

Turbine has announced Weekly sales in the DDO Store.  Select cosmetic items are at 50% off.

+5 Hearts of Wood are also available on the DDO Store now.

From 12AM Friday March 25th  to 11:59 PM Thursday March 31st [EST / GMT-5]


alt True Reincarnation
Prestige, power and pure fun! Replace your level 20 character with a new level 1 character that has more build points to spend on your stats (ability scores). In time, this will give you more power! Click here to learn more about True Reincarnation.
STORE LOCATION: Stats & Leveling > Reincarnation
LEVEL: 15+
alt alt

alt 32 Point Build
Make more powerful characters! Create new non-Drow characters with 32 stat points instead of the standard 28 stat points on any server…
STORE LOCATION: Premium Items > Account Options
alt alt

alt Veteran Status
Upgrade your account with Veteran Status and start new characters at level 4 instead of level 1! Click here to learn more about Veteran Status!
STORE LOCATION: Premium Items > Account Options
alt alt

alt Hair Styles
Does your character need a fresh look for Spring? It all starts with a new hairstyle…
Click here to check out a preview of your new look!
Change your mind again? Use the Hair Style Reversion Tonic, now 50% off!
Large Braid, Loose with Braid, The Hercules, Long Untied, Long with Cord and Bangs, Long with Circlet, Medium with Forelock, Ponytail with Loose Sides, Ponytail with Head Band, The Wildman
Bangs and Bob, Elegant with Bangs, Spunky Bun, Dragonhorn Flip, Lustrous Long, Natural Wavy Long, Wavy Long with Forelock, Ponytail Mohaw, Short Coif with Braid and Short and Clean
STORE LOCATION: Cosmetics > Hair Styles
alt alt

alt Hair Dyes
Want to be a blond? Want to be a Cerulean Blue? Enter the dungeons with a new look! Try a new haircolor to reinvent your character!
Change your mind again? Use the Hair Dye Reversion Tonic, now 50% off!
Acid Green, Cerulean Blue, Elvenkind Forest, Free Agent Fuchsia, Gianthold Purple, Jorasco Sun, Kundarak Orange, Midnight Blue, Petal Pink, Phiarlan Wine, Redwillow Auburn, Royal Blue, Sky Blue and Thunder Seafoam
Amber, Blond, Burgundy, Charcoal, Chestnut, Ebony, Fawn, Honey, Lavender, Rose, Sage, Scarlet, Sienna, Silver, Slate, Snow and Steel
STORE LOCATION: Cosmetics > Standard Hair Dye/Exclusive Hair Dye
alt alt

alt Hair Reversion Tonics
Permanently change your character’s hair color, hair style or both back to that which existed at character creation!
– Hair Dye Reversion Tonic (Single & 5-Stacks)
– Hair Style Reversion Tonic (Single & 5-Stacks)
– Double-Duty Reversion Tonic for Hair Dye & Style Change (Single & 5-Stacks)
STORE LOCATION: Cosmetics > Hair Reversion
alt alt

alt Armor Appearance Remover Kit
Carefully apply this special remover oil to a set of armor, clothing, or docent you are wearing to permanently remove (and destroy) the armor appearance kit that is currently attached. Once you use this remover on an item, there is no way to get the appearance kit back. Use with care! One use.
STORE LOCATION: Cosmetics > Armor Kits
alt alt

St. Patrick’s Day : 50% off green items – March 17 [Extended to 18]

Use coupon code 50PERCENTSTPATTYSDAY at DDO Store checkout for 50% off green Hair Dyes, sage Armor Kits, green Airship Amenities & Green Hats! Now through 3/17!


Code may not be working 😦

Source – DDO Forum thread

Edit 2 :

QuarterMasterM has announced that the errors have been fixed and the coupon will be valid for an0ther 24 hours.

We’ve increased the amount of redemptions per account to 10, and the coupon will be valid an extra 24 hours.

Weekly Sales – February 11 to 17


DDD Store

Does your character’s Charisma, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength and Wisdom need a boost? Use a +1 Tome to permanently increase any of these stats (ability scores) by 1, or a +1 Supreme Tome to permanently increase them all by 1! Use a +2 Tome to permanently increase any of these stats (ability scores) by 2, or a +2 Supreme Tome to permanently increase them all by 2!
STORE LOCATION: Stats & Leveling > Tomes
LEVELS: 3+ (+1 Tomes)/ 7+ (+2 Tomes)
alt 355

Warforged Race
Start a Warforged character and be a weapon of destruction! Built for battle, they start with many special immunities and higher constitution, but lower wisdom and charisma. Click here to learn more about Warforged!
STORE LOCATION: Premium Items > Races & Classes
alt 795 636

Armor Kits
Change the appearance of your character’s armor with an Armor Kit– even that of Warforged. Choose from shades of violet, sage, crimson and more within the Royal Line, the Golden Crest Line, the Spiral Line and the Leaf Line.
– Armor Kit Previews available for 1 Point!
– Armor Appearance Kit Remover available for 10 Points!
STORE LOCATION: Cosmetics > Armor Kits
alt 150

Cookie Jars
This is a Cookie Jar you want to get your hands “on”. A Small Cookie Jar stores stacks of up to 50 of 30 different types of cookies and cakes in one inventory slot. A Large Cookie Jar stores stacks of up to 250 of 30 different types of cookies and cakes in one inventory slot. Each holds every type of cookie and jelly cake in the game!
STORE LOCATION: Gear & Equipment > Storage & Bags > Collectibles
alt 295

Tangleroot Gorge Adventure Pack
Looking for outdoor adventure with a ton of treasure and experience? To the southwest of Stormreach lies the untamed Tangleroot Gorge! Head into the Splinterskull fortress to battle the hobgoblins and bugbear tribes!
ADVENTURES: 10 adventures & 30 wilderness area objectives
MONSTER ENCOUNTERS: Slay Silkweave, spider queen; Slay Jarak, bugbear master assassin; Slay Xassak, troglodyte hero; Rescue Jana, the lost barmaid; Slay Kroksh, the wandering giant; Kill Clamor, the slayer of hunters; Slay Vilesting, the fiendish scorpion; Slay Kornak, the tribal mage; Slay Gharjat, Commander of Splinterskull
LOOT: Totemic Staff of Splinterskull, Black Wolfskin Belt, +1 Ghost Touch Composite Longbow and more!
STORE LOCATION: Premium Items > Adventure Packs > Low-Level
alt 550 440

vault_of_night Vault Of Night Adventure Pack
Velah, the red dragon, has taken up residence in the House Kundarak extra-planar vault. The dwarves are willing to pay handsomely to anyone willing to venture in to dislodge her. If you’re prepared for a lengthy adventure with numerous traps, puzzles and spawning monsters, enter now!
ADVENTURES: 6 hand-crafted dungeons and the Red Dragon Raid encounter
MONSTER ENCOUNTERS: Zombies, Dwarves, Warforged & Iron golems
LOOT: Azure Necklace of Prophecy, Cloak of the Silver Concord, Kundarak Warding Shield & more!
STORE LOCATION: Premium Items > Adventure Packs > Mid-Level
LEVELS: 7-10
alt 750 600

Attack On Stormreach Adventure Pack
Stormreach is being invaded by the monster kingdom of Droaam! Defend the walls and streets of Stormreach, sabotage the enemy’s fleet at sea, thwart a plan to undermine the city, and confront the leader of the enemy forces – one of the mysterious Daughters of Sora Kell.
MONSTER ENCOUNTERS: The monsters of Droaam
LOOT: Frostflame Robe, Staff of the Shadow, Gnollish War Bow and more!
STORE LOCATION: Premium Items > Adventure Packs > Mid-Level
alt 550 440

+1 Fire Weapons
Arm your character with slashing, piercing and bludgeoning power! Pick up the +1 Flaming Greatsword, +1 Flaming Heavy Crossbow, +1 Flaming Heavy Mace, +1 Flaming Longbow, +1 Flaming Longsword, +1 Flaming Quarterstaff, +1 Flaming Rapier, +1 Flaming Scimitar or the +1 Flaming Shortsword!
STORE LOCATION: Gear & Equipment > Weapons > Specialty Weapons
alt 200

Red Hair Dyes
Don’t die on Valentine’s Day… dye! Change your characters hair color to Redwillow Auburn, Phiarlan Wine, Rose or Scarlet! Feeling fickle? Use Hair Dye Reversion Tonic to switch back to your ‘natural’ color!”
STORE LOCATION: Cosmetics > Exclusive Hair Dye & Standard Hair Dye
alt 40

Training Dummy Airship Amenity
Rent the Training Dummy Airship Amenity for your Airship! Measure your character’s DPS or just release some pent-up energy!
STORE LOCATION: Guilds > Airship Amenities
LEVELS: Guilds 20+
alt 250 125